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Anti-rust treatment knowledge of ferroalloy castings

Issuing time:2020-10-30 16:12Author:momo

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A. Selection of anti-rust paint varieties

The selection of anti-rust paint should be based on the product's anti-rust technical coating requirements or according to the consultation opinions of designers, anti-rust paint manufacturers and craftsmen.When necessary, process test and identification through actual trial coating should be carried out.The selection basis of anti-rust paint includes: a)Working environment of anti-rust paint.   b)Mutual matching of primer and topcoat.   c)Possibility of implementation like coating method, coating equipment and other necessary conditions.   d)Economic benefit.

B.Rust prevention of castings

During the storage of castings, rust prevention is usually required. In addition to coating anti-rust, simple temporary anti-rust treatment measures can also be used for castings, among which the more commonly used methods are:

a) Anti-rust liquid method: Anti-rust liquid is an aqueous solution with water-soluble anti-rust additives, which is often used for anti-rust of iron castings and steel castings.

The anti-rust additive sodium nitrite is white crystals, which turns light yellow after absorbing moisture (but it can still be used). It is easily soluble in water and has good anti-rust performance, but it is irritating to human skin. Castings can be immersed in anti-rust liquid for storage, or cold or hot soaked in anti-rust liquid and then taken out for storage. Anti-rust liquid is generally used for inter-process anti-rust and intermediate storage anti-rust for iron castings and steel castings. When used in conjunction with other anti-rust agents, it can also be used to seal and prevent rust. When in use,the surface of the casting must be washed with a washing liquid and dried before being immersed in the anti-rust liquid. After keeping in the anti-rust liquid for a few minutes, take out the casting. The immersion time of the casting in the anti-rust solution depends on the shape and size of the casting.

b)Phosphating method: immerse the shot-blasted and cleaned steel or iron castings in a phosphate solution of specific composition,and treat them at a certain temperature for a certain period of time to form awater-insoluble phosphate protective film on the surface of the parts.

c) Oil sealing method: This method uses anti-rust grease to seal the castings, which is acommon anti-rust method for iron castings and steel castings. The anti-rust grease uses mineral grease as the base material, and contains oil-soluble anti-rust additives and auxiliary additives.The oil seal of the casting can be hot coated or cold coated.

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