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How to choose the right raw material for castings

Issuing time:2020-06-11 15:35Author:momo

Why should to choose the right raw material for castings?

Let check this picture on web:


bad marine hardware fittings

Why these poor joints look so bad while the rails are still holding on?

The comment below tells the truth:


comment below the post

Well, marine hardware, like bilgepumps and switches, are NOT the areas to cheap out on. That “bargain”piece of equipment or hardware will let you down when you need it the most.

marine rail base (1).jpg

vast casting marine hardware

If the material is not collected in right way, how long can it last in seawater? Days?

Therefore, the first element of casting material selection is to consider its use environment (or performance requirements).Is there a requirement for corrosion-resistant? Is there a requirement for hardness? Is there a requirement for its weight? Does it need to be decorative? Regardless of performance requirements, it is impractical to simply discuss the price or "luxury sense".

Of course, after meeting the performance requirements, the cost is also very important. Appropriate materials must not only meet product performance, but also have the right price.

Performance and price are currently the most important factors in choosing the right material. There are also other factors influenced, for example, is it suitable for the current casting method?

Do you think there are other factors that influence the choice of materials? Let's discuss together!

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