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Some knowledge about casting riser

Issuing time:2020-08-14 16:24Author:momo


Casting riser, is a vertical pipe exit for the upward flow of liquid steel. On one hand, it`s used to exhaust gas quickly. On the other hand, it`s used for hydrothermal feeding after pouring.

The molten iron has a characteristic,eutectic first, then eutectoid. The eutectic process is also the process of expansion, the eutectoid is the process of shrinking.When molten iron solidifies from liquid to solid, the casting riser plays a vital role.

In casting production, the design of the riser is directly related to the yield and quality of the casting. Therefore,many foundries attach great importance to the design of casting risers.

This question seems simple, basically equivalent to a brief description of casting technology.


The riser design should be designed accordingto the characteristics of different materials, different sizes, different shapes, and different materials.

First of all, the casting process is different, the types of risers derived from this are also different, so the method of calculating the size of the riser is also different.

Simple classification by material, the riser calculation methods used in steel castings include modulus method, cubicequation method, feeding liquid volume method and proportional method. Because of the special solidification method of iron castings (affected by metallurgical quality and cooling rate), most of them rely on experience to supplement the modulus method and the proportional method.

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