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Do you know China's technical capabilities?

Issuing time:2021-01-05 08:30Author:Joy

  1.             At present, China's investment casting has two levels of technology. The first type of enterprise adopts the investment casting process of medium temperature mold material and silica sol or ethyl silicate adhesive shell, which is the internationally accepted investment casting process.

  2.             The second type is the use of low-temperature mold material and water glass binder to make the shell technology. The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the castings are worse than those of the first type, which cannot reach the international investment casting level. According to the situation in the mainland, there is also a composite process of using medium temperature or low temperature molding materials, using silica sol for the surface layer and using water glass for the reinforcement layer, which can reduce costs while ensuring high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. The process used in this project is medium-temperature molding material molding and silica sol process.


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